Why we’re different

We strongly believe in the partnership model – a network of people working together to deliver exceptional care. We have over 150 Branch Partners now – experienced vets who have bought into our practices or sold their independent practices and retained equity. These partnerships mean we share responsibilities, costs, profits and, ultimately, success.

On the business side, our Central Partners all experienced vets who understand that our profession is full of challenges. This puts them in the best position to support our Branch Partners and teams in practice, all resulting in the highest quality care for pets.


How our business works

We work as a unit – as one team. In each region there’s a network of practices working together, with a 24-hour hospital at their centre. We call this our hub-and-spoke model, and it’s unique to us. It allows our vets to get support with cases, refer their patients and share expertise and equipment between practices.

This model is enabling us to grow a strong and supportive community of vets who between them have a wide range of specialisms and equipment, and who can diagnose and treat pets whenever they need us. The depth and breadth of knowledge across our business is astounding, and it allows us to provide our clients with exceptional care.

Our story

Medivet was established in 1987, and we’ve been building something extraordinary since then. We now have more than 150 Branch Partners and over 400 clinics plus round-the-clock practices. Our first 24-hour practice opened in Hendon in 1991, and we now have 27 of them around the UK. We’ve had a thriving Support Centre since 1995, based at the Watford premises since 2002.

We’re proud that we’ve been able to achieve steady growth without losing the family feel of the company, and we’re always looking for like-minded people to join us. You’ll be joining at a time when Medivet is growing, and you’ll be able to make a real impact on how the business is shaped for the future.