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Progress your career with Medivet

Development is at the heart of everything we do. We have a wealth of opportunities for veterinary professionals to pursue their interests, develop their clinical and business skills, and take their careers in whichever directions they choose.


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How do we do that?

Whatever your role, we’ll have regular performance reviews and catch-ups with you, making plans together for your professional development. We have continuing professional development (CPD) packages available for all our clinical employees – these packages vary from role to role.

Whichever area of the business you work in, you can take advantage of courses to develop your soft skills, including personal effectiveness and handling difficult conversations with clients. We’ll make sure you have the tools you need to succeed.

Read on to find out more about our CPD packages and the career paths that open up when you join us.

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CPD for vets

As a Veterinary Surgeon with Medivet, you’ll receive a CPD package of £1,500 plus three days, which you can put towards external training in a wide range of areas.

Certificate sponsorship is also possible, allowing you to pursue a specific area of veterinary care and further your expertise.

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Career paths for vets

Our vets have the opportunity to develop their skills within their role through CPD, gain certificates in particular skill areas. They can also take on responsibilities as a Mobile Veterinary Surgeon, Assistant Veterinary Surgeon, Night Veterinary Surgeon or Lead Veterinary Surgeon.

If you’re also interested in the business and management side of veterinary practice, you may consider the following routes:

  • Branch Partnership – co-owning and running your own Medivet practice.
  • Regional Management – providing a direct link between the Support Centre and clinics in your region as Regional Director.
  • Clinical Operations – overseeing areas of the business such as safety and strategy.
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CPD for nurses

As a Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) at Medivet, you’ll receive a CPD package of £300 plus two days , which you can put towards external training in a wide range of areas.

We’ll support you every step of the way, whether it’s developing your interest in emergency and critical care, expanding your management skills or tapping into the knowledge available within the wider community.

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Career paths for RVNs

RVNs may progress to Deputy Head Veterinary Nurse and Head Veterinary Nurse. You also have the opportunity to move into the following areas of work:

  • Regional management – as Area Manager, you’ll support a Regional Director and give them a direct link to the nursing teams in your area
  • Clinical Operations – looking after areas such as staffing and recruitment
  • Clinical coaching and mentoring
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Career progression for Veterinary Care Assistants (VCAs)

Spending time as a VCA provides the perfect introduction for those pursuing a career in veterinary nursing. After 12 to 18 months as a VCA, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for a college to become a Student Veterinary Nurse.

Our students spend time at their college and in practice, gaining the skills, knowledge and experience needed to become a fully-fledged RVN. Find out more about this pathway.

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Career progression for regional management

We offer Regional Directors a CPD package of £1,500 plus three days, which can be extended for the right candidate. Area Managers receive a CPD package of £300 plus two days to help further their skills.

Regional Directors and Area Managers can move into many rewarding roles in Support Centre or the Clinical Operations team. Many of our regional and operational management colleagues have progressed their careers with Medivet.

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Career progression for practice support

We have plenty of opportunities for practice support staff who want to build on their role making our branches welcoming and warm for our clients and pets.

These include:

  • Kennel/Cattery Assistant
  • Kennel/Cattery Manager
  • Client Care Assistant
  • Head Client Care Assistant