About the placements

We understand how valuable work experience can be for any young person looking towards a career in veterinary care. Our placements offer real-world experience and allow you to become fully involved in the everyday duties of one of our practices.

Our work experience students benefit our practices too. Not only do they provide an extra pair of hands to help with the day-to-day, but their enthusiasm and ties to the local community help us further our commitment to exceptional care.

Year 10 and 11 students

You’ll spend around two weeks helping with essential duties, such as cleaning our equipment and facilities to the highest clinical standards. You’ll also spend time shadowing your teammates to learn more about what goes in a vet practice.

Animal Care students

You’ll typically stay for four weeks performing basic care tasks under the supervision of the team. You’ll also spend a large amount of time observing what goes on in practice, including how pets are handled and cared for during their visit.

Degree and diploma students

You may be required to work up to 52 weeks on day release as part of your course, carrying out important care duties to complete your Nursing Progress Log. You’ll also get a better understanding of how to put your studies into action while getting to grips with life in a busy practice.

Veterinary students

Our Extra Mural Studies (EMS) programme is a great way to gain experience before you graduate, with a structured stay in one of our practices. You’ll work with a trained EMS Ambassador and have a tailormade plan for your stay. Many of our EMS students go on to become Medivet employees. Find out more about our EMS programme here.

If you’re in Year 10 or 11, or you’re an Animal Care student, you should speak directly with practices in your local area to find out what opportunities are available.

Degree and diploma students must be placed by our Recruitment team. While you can go to your local practice directly, they’ll still need to confirm your placement with our Recruitment team. Email us for more information.

Unfortunately, we can’t accept work experience placements at our Medivet Support Centre.