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Partnering with Medivet to grow your practice

Branch Partners explain how partnering with Medivet enables them to own a business – without the headaches of owning a business.

“It was a natural progression for me, looking for more responsibility in a leadership position. The partnership model allowed me to stay very clinically involved but also get inside the business side of the practice.”

Andy McVey, Branch Partner at Medivet Orrell Park, Medivet Anfield and Medivet Mossley Hill.

Selling options


1. Retaining equity

If you’re looking to stay involved in the running of your clinic, Branch Partnership offers all the benefits of selling your practice outright with the opportunity to stay on as an equity partner.

As a Branch Partner, you’ll work together with Medivet to help grow the performance and value of the business, and ultimately, your investment.

You’ll benefit from a higher earning potential and annual income. The better the business performs, the higher your income rises and the more valuable your investment becomes.


2. Selling but staying on

Our opportunities to sell your practice to Medivet and stay on as a Lead Vet mean you can hand over the stresses of running a business and get back to providing exceptional care to your patients.

You’ll also benefit from a generous salary and more career opportunities, enabling you to explore other paths, including specialisms and management roles, in the wider Medivet group.

Your team will benefit from being part of our community, with plenty of opportunities to develop their clinical skills and even become Branch Partner of your practice.


3. Selling and leaving the business

If you’re looking to sell completely, to retire or pursue a career change, Medivet can offer peace of mind that your practice will be in good hands. As a partnership owned and run by passionate vets, our priority is providing the very best care.


Partnership benefits

Partnership brings higher rewards for success, both clinically and financially.  Becoming a partner means you’ll create a promising investment, and benefit from growth in the capital value of your business.

By progressing the business with Medivet, you’ll achieve a higher earning potential and annual income. The better the business performs, the higher your income grows and the more valuable your investment becomes.

We believe two are better than one. We work with you to provide expertise and support that simply isn’t available to an independent practice.

Unlike a franchise model, we don’t just provide a service. We focus on combining our strengths and working together to help your practice succeed.

As well as skilled marketing and accountancy backing, you’ll also have access to better technology and the latest systems. By being part of the Medivet community, you’ll also take advantage of our increased buying power to economise the way you equip and run your practice.

By working together, we can ensure you have all the tools and advice you need to run a successful business. It’s a genuine partnership, sharing costs, profits and, ultimately, success.

The smallest Medivet clinic can function as a large hospital, simply by using our unique hub-and-spoke model to its full potential.

Our nationwide 24-hour centres with state-of-the-art equipment, surgeons and network of specialist practitioners are an extension of your clinic, regardless of how far away they may be. You’ll be part of our community of experts sharing their expertise. This means that almost every branch in Medivet has the resources, the skills and the ability to perform just as a large hospital would.

You can also take advantage the skills, knowledge and experience of our whole 600-strong vet community, allowing you to take on more complex cases and provide more advanced treatments than an independent vet may be able to.

We want you to focus on what you do best: treating and caring for your clients and their pets. That’s why, as a Branch Partner, you’ll have complete clinical freedom in all aspects of your practice. Our community is built on trust, and you’ll always decide the best way to care for your patients in a way that suits them.

Should you ever need it, our Clinical Committee and national Clinical Operations function are always there to offer their expertise and support.

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